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 Activities held in 2010

Hands-on Training Course on ArcGIS
01-05 November 2010, Karachi, Pakistan

SUPARCO organized a one-week Hands-on Training Course on ArcGIS from 01-05 November 2010 at NCRG, Karachi. The course aimed at providing basic concepts of GIS with extensive hands-on-experience on ArcGIS platform. It covered a wide range of tools available through a single platform, ranging from desktop mapping to spatial analysis. It navigates through the three basic ArcGIS interfaces including Arc Catalogue, ArcMap and ArcToolbox. Additionally, the training also covered ArcScene and ArcGlobe for 3D modeling, display, and access to global views of the earth. The spatial analysis functions which infact are the core of any GIS platform were explored and used in a variety of applications. Also, 3D modeling and applications in different disciplines of operational use were discussed. ISNET sponsored two participants from RSA, Sudan, one from CSE, Senegal and 3 students from Pakistan to attend the course.

Seminar on Bridging the Gap through Satellite Technology
18 – 21 October 2010, Cairo, Egypt

Inter Islamic Network on Space Science & Technology (ISNET), in collaboration with Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) and OIC Standing Committee on Scientific & Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH) held a seminar on Bridging the Gap through Satellite Technology from 18 – 21 October 2010 in Cairo, Egypt. National Authority for Remote Sensing & Space Sciences (NARSS) hosted the event and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) provided sponsorship and financial support.

The event started with an inauguration ceremony presided by Prof Dr Ayman El Desouky Ibrahim, Chairman NARSS. Mr Ahmed Bilal, the new President of ISNET addressed the gathering. Mr Aftab Zaidi Director Administration COMSTECH presented a message from Prof Dr Attaur Rahman Coordinator General of COMSTECH. The inauguration ceremony was followed by a Keynote address by Mr Arshad H Siraj, Executive Director, ISNET who outlined the importance of the seminar’s theme.

In the following two full days as well as the first quarter of the third day scientists, researchers and high officials from a number of OIC countries including Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Syria, Sudan and Tunisia presented noteworthy papers. Apart from scientific papers that outlined the various uses of Satellite technology that have contributed to accelerated development, nine country papers were presented during the seminar, which dwelled on the on the status of space technology and applications in the member countries. More than sixty participants including academicians and students from the local universities as well as pertinent local officials attended the event. The event was also covered by local newspapers and TV channels.

The main highlight of the event however was a lecture by Prof Dr Farouk El-Baz a prominent Egyptian-American scientist, Director of Center for Remote Sensing, Boston University USA. Dr El-Baz’s lecture titled ‘Radar Data Uses for Groundwater Exploration in Arid lands’ gave details of how Radar data has been, and can be, used in identifying underground water in the deserts of the African and Arab regions.

On the third day of the event participants of the Seminar were taken for a visit of NARSS Headquarters in Cairo. The foreign delegates much appreciated the research and development work being undertaken at NARSS.

The event concluded with a feedback and recommendations session where participants expressed their views about the event and suggested ideas for further cooperation between member countries.

Training Course on Geological Applications of Remote Sensing
27 September – 01 October 2010, NCRG, Karachi

Feedback received at the various ISNET events pointed towards a need for organising a training course on geological application. Consequently, ISNET partnered with host organisation SUPARCO to hold a training course on Geological Applications of Remote Sensing from 27 September – 01 October 2010 at National Center for Remote Sensing & Geoinformatics (NCRG), Karachi, Pakistan. Dr Madlien AlBaridi from General Organisation of Remote Sensing (GORS), Syria conducted the major portion of the training. Trainers from SUPARCO also delivered lectures.

ISNET sponsored 2 participants from RSA, Sudan and four students from Pakistan to participate in the training course.

The main objective of this training course was to provide participants with the practical skills and underlying theoretical aspects that allow them to streamline the information and knowledge development process for individual projects as well as to obtain valuable insights on how to modernize geo-spatial data infrastructures in their home organizations.

Training Course on Remote Sensing & Digital Image Processing
05-16 July 2010, Karachi, Pakistan

SUPARCO organized a two-week training course on Remote Sensing & Digital Image Processing from 05 – 16 July 2010 at National Center for remote Sensing & GeoInformatics (NCRG) in Karachi. ISNET sponsored one participant from Cartographer at Centre de Suivi Ecologique (CSE), Senegal; two partipants from National Aerospace Agency (NAA), Azerbaijan; and one participant from Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST), Iraq; to attend the course.

The trainees learnt about the latest technologies in remote sensing and image processing for development of practical applications in various areas of national use. It was the first time that the new members Azerbaijan and Senegal sent their trainees for a course at SUPARCO. It was also the first time that a representative of the Ministry of Science & Technology, Iraq attended a course at SUPARCO. All trainees were impressed with the excellent training facilities at SUPARCO and very satisfied with the level of the course. They also learnt a great deal from interactions with local participants who belonged to different public and private sector organisations in Pakistan.

Training course on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Data: Processing, Interpretation and Applications
03 – 14 May 2010; Tunis, Tunisia

The Inter Islamic Network on Space Sciences & Technology (ISNET), in collaboration with North African Centre for Remote Sensing (CRTEAN), Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) and OIC Standing Committee on Scientific & Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH), with the benevolent sponsorship of Islamic Development Bank (IDB) held a training course titled Synthetic Aperture Radar Data: Processing, Interpretation and Applications from 03 – 14 May 2010 in Tunis, Tunisia.

More recently, ISNET has been focusing on holding specialized training courses on space technology applications that have immense potential in OIC countries but are less explored due to the non-availability of cost effective training sources, material and resources. ISNET has received encouraging feedback and valued suggestions from participants at each of these specialized courses and workshops and has identified more areas of future focus.

The latest training course, held in Tunis, was aimed at reinforcing and building on the basic concepts of Synthetic Aperture Radar developed earlier through home study material. As such, only those professionals who were acquainted with working on SAR data were selected for the course.

Dr Yousif Hussin from ITC, Netherlands and Dr Parviz Tarikhi from ISA, Iran conducted the course. The course consisted of lectures that familiarised participants with different SAR data interpretation techniques coupled with hands-on SAR image processing practice using different software. The course also explored SAR interferometry and polarimetry concepts and applications.

Participants took keen interest in learning the new techniques. All participants improved their level of knowledge that was reflected in their pre and post training quizzes. The overall feedback of the training course was very encouraging.

Participants of the training were glad to receive a number of home study and practice resources that may help them strengthen their concepts of the subject and explore further applications. Participants also resolved to create a Facebook community of scientists and researchers working in the field of SAR to aid sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Advanced Training in Remote Sensing and GIS
05 – 16 April 2010, NCRG, Karachi

SUPARCO organized a two-week advanced training course on Remote Sensing & GIS from 05 – 16 April 2010 at National Center for Remote Sensing & GeoInformatics (NCRG) in Karachi, Pakistan. The course was aimed at imparting knowledge and developing skills in the latest advancements in remote sensing applications through various exercises and hands-on training.

ISNET sponsored Mr Sabbar Abdullah Salih, Chairman Natural Resources Center at the University of Tikrit, Iraq and Mrs Amera Ismael Hussein, Head of Water Resources Department at the University of Tikrit, Iraq, to attend the course. Both participants were very pleased with the quality of the course and learnt a great deal about the applications of remote sensing in their respective areas of expertise.

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